Bringing Jesus to hope-starved kids is as easy as enjoying a cup of delicious Sweet Frog with your family.
Join us at Sweet Frog Harrison Crossing and Sweet Frog Eagle Village in Fredericksburg Friday, February 23 to support Hope for Appalachia’s upcoming mission trip and kick off this year’s prom dress and hope box collection. Our PER crew will be at each location with fun and prizes from 4-7 pm, but you can stop by any time that day to drop off items and help fund this year’s trip.
Hope for Appalachia is a coalition of churches from Virginia and beyond who travel each year at Easter to some of the poorest most destitute places in the country to bring hope to school aged kids experiencing some of the worst abuse, pain and hopelessness you can imagine. Each hope box and prom dress brings a much needed smile and the reassurance that God is real and sees them. Even greater is the opportunity to talk about Jesus and share the gospel with each school aged child in a public school setting! Last year, with your help 20,000 hope boxes were packed and sent down alongside over 1,000 prom dresses. That’s represents 21,000 kids who now have proof there is a God who loves them.
For the entire day a significant portion of the proceeds from every Sweet Frog purchase will be given to help fund this year’s mission. So grab your family, neighbors, church group, school group, anyone you can, and pile those toppings high knowing that every cup will literally help bring Christ’s love to another child.
For more information about what to pack in a hope box, click here.
For more about Hope for Appalachia Virginia Team click here.